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Ukhuni Hope

Ukhuni HOPE represents the social arm of Ukhuni’s sustainable business commitment, and 1.33% of the company’s annual turnover is committed to various initiatives.

The primary focus of Ukhuni HOPE is on investing in the leaders of tomorrow, beginning with Ukhuni staff and their families, and extending into the underprivileged community of Alexandra. The township of Alexandra (Alex) is in close proximity to Ukhuni’s business premises, and therefore very close to home. Thousands of people live in poverty, without access to basic services such as education and healthcare.

Shine campaign

With the assistance of Alex FM, Ukhuni identified 500 high school learners attending different schools across Alexandra who had no access to electricity. Studying after dark was near impossible, jeopardising these children’s prospects of achieving academically.

To commemorate World Environment Day, Ukhuni invited all clients, suppliers and stakeholders to participate in our Shine Campaign. Each was asked to sponsor one solar-powered desk lamp per learner. The response was overwhelming, and Ukhuni staff, clients and suppliers handed over the lamps at the Alexandra Community Centre. Learners’ progress is monitored with the assistance of school principals.

Sithandiwe Centre for Disabled Children and Adults

Ukhuni supports the Sithandiwe Centre, which provides refuge for those in the community who are not able to take care of themselves. Sadly, the disabled are often the ones left unattended and marginalised. Ukhuni has provided support in the form of kitchen facilities, solar geysers, food, transport services and financial aid and has organised a number of initiatives involving clients and suppliers.

Alex FM Radio Station

The voice of Alexandra Township is Alex FM. This station provides an invaluable service giving residents access to information, and a conduit through which to air their needs and concerns. Alex FM has a broad range of educational, business and health-related programmes, and is dependent on advertising to remain viable Ukhuni has assisted Alex FM by producing the marketing collateral required to attract and retain business from Corporate Johannesburg.

Balfour and Alexandra Soccer Development

Balfour Alexandra Football Club is an amateur soccer club in Highlands North that provides a safe and secure environment for the training and development of young soccer players. Ukhuni has supported 200 players from lesser privileged homes, and provides coaching, resources, equipment and kit to the club and players.

Green Week

Research has proven that planting trees, and beautifying outdoor public spaces has a positive impact on people, and improves the overall feeling of positivity and wellbeing. Ukhuni aligned with Food and Trees for Africa, and purchased 111 trees. Clients, suppliers and staff were invited to a planting ceremony in Alex, including four schools and a clinic. These 111 trees will use 41.57 tons of carbon dioxide over a period of 15 years. This will counter the carbon emissions of Ukhuni’s entire fleet over the period of a year.

Food Gardens for Africa Volunteer Days

For the past few years, Ukhuni has teamed up with Food & Trees for Africa and participated in various initiatives such as volunteering to train members at the the Skeen Primary School in Alexander to run and maintain food gardens.

For the World Food Day celebrations, Skeen Primary School hosted an energetic group of Ukhuni volunteers, who together with a selected group of learners and an Educator spent the morning re-establishing an abandoned community garden attached to the school property, resulting in a substantial improvement in the production capacity of the garden.