Ukhuni Hope

Ukhuni HOPE represents the social arm of Ukhuni’s sustainable business commitment, and 1.33% of the company’s annual turnover is committed to various initiatives.

Ukhuni Christmas Miracles that will restore your Hope for the Holiday.

Bongani Khoza is a 49-year-old man who was employed at Ukhuni Business Furniture for many years.

Bongani lost his leg in 2009 due to gangrene. It is an above the knee amputation which causes major issues than below the knee amputation. His current prosthesis is completely worn and stuck together with tape, it keeps falling off and is causing further injury and completely limiting Bongani’s movement and ability to work. Bongani was in desperate need of a knee joint.

Ukhuni Business Furniture reached out and got quotations from normal Orthotists and the quotes ranged from R80 000.00 – R100 000.00.  Ukhuni also reached out to Angel Network for their assistance and Dr. Roger Wolfson An Orthotics and Prosthetics Specialist, at Roger Wolfson and Associates reached out to Ukhuni offering his professional assistance. He asked that Ukhuni only needed to pay the Cost of the raw material needed for Dr. Roger to make it, which was approximately R23 000.00. Dr. Roger took care of the rest.

Bongani journey for his new Knee Joint started on the 1st of November 2022.

Bongani’s progress on his journey has been going really well. He is now able to support himself without crutches and has returned to full time employment.

Angel Network helped us raise a fair amount of Money to assist with Bongani’s leg But Ukhuni then decided to Gift it back to Angel Network so that they could use the money for another good Cause.


Food Gardens for Africa Volunteer Days

Food Gardens for Africa Volunteer Days

Ukhuni has collaborated with Food & Trees for Africa to enhance food gardens at Skeen Primary School, recently revitalizing an unused community plot for World Food Day, boosting its productivity.

Green Week

Green Week

Ukhuni partnered with Food and Trees for Africa to plant 111 trees, involving clients and staff in a ceremony in Alex, offsetting a year’s carbon emissions from its fleet.