Often referred to as “modular furniture” or “systems workstations”, systems desking simply refers to a set of modular desking components that are used together in a variety of arrangements to best suit your planning needs.

modular Systems Desk or workstation

Add ons such as towers and soft seating can be integrated into the offering and are aesthetically tied together.

Flexibility and efficiency are the primary selling points for systems furniture, with the desk being the foundational building block, used with other companion products such as storage units, privacy screens and reticulation panels. Systems desking is typically set up in multi-workstation configurations, or clusters, where stations can share support and privacy panels, reducing the overall square meterage required to house staff in an office.

Systems Desking


Mada modular office desk

Systems Desking


Skala modular office desk

Systems Desking


Evo modular office desk

Systems Desking

Simply 5025

Simply 5025 modular office desks

Systems Desking

Collaboration tables

Office collaboration tables

Systems Desking

Height adjustable desking

Height adjustable standing desk