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Origami is a metamorphic art form that doesn’t add anything to paper, or take anything away – the artist merely changes its form. Origami breathes life into paper. The realism achieved is not by accident – each piece is planned and executed precisely and what is achieved is strongly governed by mathematical laws. Inspired by the art of Origami, we present Mada, the embodiment of industrial couture – seeking balance between technical detail and delicate sophistication.

This product can be customised
to suit your specifications

workstations with storage

Mada 6-Way Cluster

This typical arrangement highlights the unique scalloped desk shape that is Mada’s trademark, allowing the user to integrate with the work surface. It’s coupled with space-saving suspended desk storage and the exquisite Cube ‘n Shelf, and is designed around integrated reticulation solutions.

4800mm (w) x 1600mm (d)
Top Size: 1596mm (w) x 800mm (d)

desktop storage item

Mada Cube ‘n Shelf

Accessorise your workstation with this unique desktop storage item that has a shared shelf for 2 users and a drawer cube for each user, featuring a filing cowl.

1330mm (w) x 400mm (d) x 450mm (h)

storage unit in white and wood

Mada Suspended Storage

HPL storage unit with metal cowl, doors and drawers. Locking and non-locking options are available.

3200mm (w) x 400mm (d) x 420mm (h)

desk cluster with central storage unit

Mada 4-Way Cluster

This 4-way face-to-face cluster is supported by a below-desk, shared centre storage unit, freeing up more desktop space. The worktop is available in a two-tone finish and is coupled with fabric, scalloped front screens that mirror the worktop design.

3626mm (w) x 3200mm (d)
Top Size: 1811mm (w) x 800mm (d)

Side storage unit with wooden doors

Mada Side Storage

This storage unit features hinged doors and an internal drawer within the doors.

3200mm (w) x 400mm (d)

Black fabric front screen

Mada Scalloped Front Screen

MDF core with backed fabric and 50mm metal raisers.

Availabe in module lengths of 1200mm – 2000mm
1340mm (w) x 12mm (d) x 400mm (h) (1600mm module)

Other sizes and configurations available

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