Just as a crew is a collective – a group with a particular skill who work together – so the Crew range connects the office and its people in an intellectual, personal and creative manner. Teamwork is one of the most crucial skills that a member of a crew requires and without this an organisation cannot work efficiently or at it’s best ability. Crew is made up of a range of components that work in resonance with each other to enhance aesthetic elegance, while supplying an increased number of editable configurations.

Pacman Pod

2800 (w) x 2000 (d) x 1400 (h)

Half Meeter

2800(w) x 1400(d) x 1100(h)

Open Nest

3500(w) x 2800(d) x 720(h)

Lazy Doughnut

2800 (w) x 2000 (d) x 720 (h)

Super Snake

5800(w) x 2000(d) x 720(h)

Today’s work environment needs to provide a wireless, mobile working option for employees.

Seamless technology, flow of movement and ease of access play a major role in making an office space flexible, creative and highly productive. Crew configurations give people the choice to work in a less formal setting, a way in which they might work best. By considering all the pieces within the range, dynamic configurations can be created to suit any work environment, fitting into any available agile environment.


Modular components

Banquet Seats

1600(w) x 730(d) x 1100(h)

Open Face2Face

1600(w) x 2200(d) x 1100(h)

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