Brand Rollout

Design adds tremendous value to a company’s brand equity and its paramount to ensure that your physical environment connects your customers to your brand promise.

Ukhuni embeds the brand promise deep into the store or customer experience through our understanding of how people behave and interact with the physical space. Ukhuni translates brand strategies and visual identity into branded systems suitable for implementation into the built environment. Our approach delivers increased sales, improved positioning and customer recognition, differentiation and higher perceived value from investors. Internally, benefits include higher employee satisfaction and retention, increased productivity and pride in aligned values.

We pride ourselves on a well-developed retail brand rollout plan. Interior design and detailing, manufacturing, logistics, shopfitting, joinery, installation and project management all fall under the capabilities of the Ukhuni business umbrella.

Our team’s extensive industry experience, network of suppliers, attention to detail and passion for ensuring a project achieve it’s full potential are only some of the advantages gained when working with Ukhuni.

We understand that a strong partnership between Ukhuni and our clients, helps ensure a successful and sustainable rollout throughout the African continent.




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