Time, just for me. Time for solitude, time for focus, time for reflecting. Time pods are ideal for individuals or small groups that would like to work away from the constraints of a traditional desk. Nesting the pods allows for elegantly playful and economical use of space to a monotonous floor plan.

Single Pod – Bench 

1250mm (w) x 870mm (d) x 1350mm (h)

Single Pod – Chair

1450mm (w) x 870mm (d) x 1350mm (h)

Face-to-Face Pod – Bench 

2050mm (w) x 990mm (d) x 1350mm (h)

Face-to-Face Pod – Chair

2450mm (w) x 990mm (d) x 1350mm (h)

Can be used with a bench or an agile chair

Media Pod – Bench 

2050mm (w) x 1620mm (d) x 1350mm (h)

Media Pod – Chair

2450mm (w) x 1620mm (d) x 1350mm (h)

Time by Ukhuni creates a dedicated space where time can be managed, controlled and utilised in the most efficient and consistent manner.

Time focus booths and meeting spaces provide a quiet and secluded 3rd space environment where one can focus, meet, collaborate, problem solve, brainstorm and hone in on the important tasks at hand that cannot be completed in the hustle and bustle of work or the laid-back atmosphere of home.

Time is spent on all activities – work or play – therefore all activities hold the same value in time spent. The value of time spent on an activity can be maximised by utilising the time spent to the fullest. Focus, concentration, frame of mind, creativity and relaxation all play a major role in decision making and the ability to complete an activity in an efficient manner. Time by Ukhuni provides spaces that refine the way time is utilised.


Time focus booths and meeting spaces

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