The Advantages of Modular Office Furniture Systems

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Office chill area with green mobile office furniture
Photo credit: Blå Station, Bob modular seating system

Modular or mobile furniture systems continue to grow in popularity, owing to their flexibility. Regardless of the setting, this furniture can be arranged and adapted to suit the room and the needs of its occupants. For homes, retail environments and offices alike, the options are unlimited; when the room is filled with furniture which can be rearranged, adapted and personalised to adapt to growth, change and collaboration. Offices are easily the most fickle of spaces, they are always changing – as they should. For this reason, these furniture systems are the most recommended type of office furniture. That’s also why it is Ukhuni’s first choice in furniture for the modern workplace.

Open office work space with modular furniture and a stand with shelves interior design for Ukhuni
Photo credit:, Gensler Atelier furniture system

What is a Modular Office Furniture System?

Modular office furniture systems comprise of premade units which are often flat packed for on-site assembly. The advantage of this is that it can be reconfigured a multitude of different ways to furnish a room. Desks, couches, cabinets, bookcases and more can be pushed together, separated and arranged in absolutely any manner to offer its users the best functionality possible. This type of office furniture is the best solution for any office environment as it can meet the needs of each unique company and the individual needs of their employees.

Why do You Need Modular Furniture?

These days, the way we see our offices is wholly different from our perceptions of what an office should be just 15 years ago. Offices have become changeable and adaptable spaces in which we typically spend a big chunk of our lives. There is a growing realisation that in order to meet the optimal levels of productivity, our employees are best served by spaces which adapt to their needs, the needs of their team and the needs of their primary modes of work. We are increasingly establishing hotdesking spaces, collaborative spaces and meeting spaces to meet these needs and to ensure our employees are comfortable and productive.

What is a Successful Modular Office?

As with many offices today, the successful ones are flexible and can easily be moved around to accommodate the changing needs of your business and your employees. The more suited an office is to the needs of its inhabitants, the more productive and happy they will be. Companies with offices built around people are more likely to attract and to retain talent. In combination with an activity-based design, the benefits of a modular system will ensure a healthy working environment which will ultimately improve your company’s bottom line.

Office space interior design with mobile office chairs and other furniture
Photo credit: Spacestor Design Centre in New York City by Gensler

How to Choose Modular Office Furniture System

Choosing the right office furniture need not be confusing. With the appropriate amount of planning and research, the right mobile office furniture is just a click and a call away and your office is one step closer to a happy, productive and beautiful working environment.

In your planning however, you want to take the following into account:

The size of the office space – one of the primary reasons people choose this type of furniture for their offices is to save and maximise office space. This is all for nought though if you don’t choose the right size and design furniture for the space. Planning for the number of employees you have, the type of business you run and the way in which your employees prefer to work are essential.

The way you work – each office has its own ethos and needs. The most current research has shown a plethora of benefits to working in active, agile office environments. With a variety of spaces to choose from, employees can work in ways which are most comfortable for them. Open-plan spaces facilitate communication, breakout areas are perfect for ad-hoc meetings and brainstorming, quiet zones offer privacy and space to concentrate, and touchdown areas are great for hotdesking employees.

Your furniture budget – with so much to choose from, office furniture becomes just an ocean of desks, chairs, cabinets and bookcases. The best way to start narrowing down your choices is by setting a budget. Once you have that right, you will find yourself cutting out certain cheaper or more expensive materials, designers and stores. This way you can also make sure you have the amount of furniture you need before you blow the budget.

Choose the right material – while cutting your costs and avoiding expensive materials, you still need to ensure that the modular office furniture you are buying is strong, durable and long-lasting. You won’t save any money if you are continually replacing your furniture. Office furniture needs to be especially hard-wearing and stand up to constant use.

The right brand – the overwhelming amount of office furniture on the market is a testament to the need for office furniture. The benefit thereof is not only is there a range of prices, materials, and designs, there are also a variety of brands to choose form. The right brand will offer quality furniture which meets all of your cost, application and design needs. Good brands will offer a warranty on the workmanship of their items and ensure that your furniture is made to last in high traffic environments for years to come.

The right colour – the ideal office furniture systems are neutral in colour. By matching the colour of your furniture to the office space, you have more room to experiment with standout pieces while ensuring the space doesn’t appear cluttered.

Ukhuni's own modular office desks

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Ukhuni’s modular office furniture systems are available in a wide variety of configurations, finishes and fabric choices. Our furniture options offer designer styling and superior quality, alongside the freedom and flexibility to create a unique office space to meet your needs and best serve your employees. For more information or advice, don’t hesitate, get in touch now.