Ins and Outs of Small Office Design

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Small business owners often neglect their place of work even though the age-old saying, ‘first impressions last’, rings true when a visitor or potential employee enters the office for the first time. In addition to this, an office says a lot about a company’s identity. As a small business owner, it is therefore important to consider office aesthetic and how it ultimately represents the business and what it stands for. To create a well-designed office that promotes internal communication, attracts new business and keeps employees engaged, we have put together a few tips that can be used to design a small office that works.

1. Use The Correct Wall Paint

The obvious starting point is to choose the correct paint colour. Use neutral and light tones in conjunction with colourful accents. Neutral colours tend to create depth while the addition of colour like greys or blues gives a small office a feeling of space.

Image of an executive office with cyan wall paint.

2. Combine Natural and Artificial Lighting

Lighting may well be one of the most important elements of good office design as it has the power to change a space completely. Take advantage of natural light where possible and combine it with bright artificial lighting to illuminate dark areas. A business-style chandelier or fluorescent ceiling light will do the trick. To create ambience, place a portable desk or standing lamps in strategic places as this will not only assist in brightening up the area but also make a powerful design statement. Finally, when planning your window dressings, ensure that you do not use heavy materials that will stop natural light from coming in.

Image showcasing how a combination of artificial and natural light can impact small offices


3. Choose Multipurpose Desking

Maximise the available space in your small office by finding well-designed, multipurpose desks. This way you will not overcrowd your work area. Make use of desking solutions that come with integrated storage whilst being careful not to compromise on quality and comfort. The Simply range by Ukhuni Business Furniture is a good example of multipurpose desking as it comes with integrated storage for files and other office supplies. The Simply range is compact yet functional.

Ukhuni's Simply desk range is perfect for small office design
Source: Ukhuni’s Simply desk range

4. Keep Things Fresh With Great Flooring

The importance of flooring cannot be underestimated as it blends design with function. A good quality carpet or wooden laminate keeps the small office looking fresh while creating a cosy feel. Good flooring further absorbs excess noise in the office. There are a multitude of flooring options available in the market so choose a style, texture and colour that will not easily date.

Example of wooden office flooring for small office design

5. Wall Space-Savers

Use built-in bookshelves, wall hooks and wall-mounted flat-screen monitors to free up valuable space. A horizontal hanging rod can come in handy for storing pencils, pens and other small office supplies. You can even cover your walls in chalk paint for an instant floor-to-ceiling message board.

Example of wall space-savers for small office design

Remember, it’s not the size of your office matters, but rather the design. If you are in doubt about how to best plan your new office, feel free to give the Ukhuni design team a call.