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Telephone Meeting Booth

In a lively, agile office, the need for a secluded private space to take that all-important phone call is paramount. Take private or online calls without occupying a large conference room or having to wander too far from the workstation area. These office booths are specially engineered to offer a soundproof, contained environment so private conversations stay private. Our booth is designed to be flexible so you can easily move it around the office, and added technology makes working from it completely feasible – just plug in and you’re set!

The Ukhuni telephone booth is constructed from a powder coated aluminium frame with a glass door and self-closing hinges. The booth features a ceiling with illumination, a carpeted floor, a full width laminated shelf, and is adequately ventilated by a discreet fan that keeps you cool.

1000mm (w) x 1000mm (d) x 2100mm (h)
Fabric requirements: 10,8m

Office telephone meeting booth

This product can be upholstered with any fabric of your choice provided it suits the manufacturing and durability specifications

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