15 workplace trends and predictions for 2015

1. Companies will be hiring Generation Z for internships.The older Gen Z population will be around 21 years of age, and this means they’ll be moving out of college and university and into the working world. Start expecting to see a brand new generation around the office in 2015.

Effective workspaces for every generation

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2. Millennials will make up the largest percentage of the workforce in 2015 and more of them will be moving into managerial positions. The Deloitte’s Millennial Survey says Millennials believe business can do much more to address society’s challenges in the areas of most concern: resource scarcity, climate change and income inequality.

Effective workspaces for every generation

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3. Workstations will start being replaced by work settings.In 2015, four generations will be in the workplace: Baby Boomers, Gen X, Gen Y and Gen Z. Creating effective workspaces for every generation means focusing on areas of common ground by creating shared work settings around the four primary modes of working: collaboration, focus, learning and socialisation.

4. More freelancing and job sharing. Freelancing has become a more legitimate career path with the accessibility of the Internet and people are abandoning traditional career paths to become freelancers and consultants – some out of choice and some out of necessity. For companies it’s cheaper – they can have smaller teams and premises and don’t have to pay benefits to freelancers. Job sharing is gaining in popularity too. When one job is shared between two people it means they can both pursue a better quality of life. It also brings added skills and knowledge to one function. On another point, job sharing means cash-strapped employers can keep two people partially employed rather than letting one go.

5. Women will continue to move into leadership positions . Sixty percent of the world’s university graduates are women. What’s more, companies are realising that gender balance delivers better and more sustainable performance and are moving to build gender-balanced organisations.

Effective workspaces for every generation

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6. Honesty will become an even more important leadership trait. As Gen Z and Gen Y become a bigger part of the workforce and consumer world, businesses and leaders will need to start talking their language. According to the Gen Y and Gen Z Global Workplace Expectations Study, more than 50% said honesty is the most important quality for being a good leader. The generations agree that after honesty, leaders should exhibit a solid vision followed by good communication skills.

7. Companies will promote active work environments. More and more studies prove that sitting for extended periods each day can have a detrimental effect on health. Companies will start promoting active work environments such as ‘standing stations’, and shared ‘hot desking’ like they have at the Deloitte Toronto headquarters where no one has a permanent desk and there are more collaborative areas. Short stand-up discussions also have a positive impact on communication itself and are more targeted than seated discussions. To promote activity levels, some people have even started experimenting with treadmill desks.

Effective workspaces for every generation

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8. More ‘hybrid’ businesses will emerge in 2015 as clever entrepreneurs partner with technology to capture existing markets in a new way, like Fame & Partners did. This technology and fashion business uses a proprietary algorithm to track the latest trends in event wear, offering young women customised versions of these on-trend garments. They tapped into the multi-million dollar fashion industry, securing a six-figure seed fund from an investor.

9. It’s all about personality. Businesses will continue to look at potential employees’ personalities and how they "fit" with the team. Cultural fit is often associated with positive outcomes like greater job satisfaction and employee retention.

10. Technology breaks or device detoxes. As companies continue to focus on employee wellbeing, they will start promoting and introducing technology breaks. Our reliance on devices is growing to a 24/7 preoccupation and with it, an unhealthy addiction. This behaviour is unsustainable, and as with any addiction, intervention is inevitable. As one measure, some companies have introduced No email Friday and say they have a happier workforce that communicates better.

Effective workspaces for every generation

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11. Collaboration is critical. A collaborative work environment leads to more productivity, creativity and innovation. Businesses will continue to create collaborative structures within the office where people can engage in informal, formal and virtual collaboration. In the process, the business will give itself a powerful competitive advantage.

12. Increasing demand for efficiency means more optimum use of office space. Office architecture and space planning will be defined more and more by the demand for efficient work processes and utilisation of space in this regard. Businesses will, for example, look at how they can use third spaces or liquid workspaces in order to offer employees a variety of different working options and help increase productivity.

Effective workspaces for every generation

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13. Creativity in office space design is becoming more important. Businesses are getting more and more creative with their office spaces, with features like slides and phone booths. These features are functional too – a slide helping employees get from one floor to the other quicker, and a phone booth offering a private space to make a phone call in a busy office setting. These funky ideas also make for a creative environment where innovative energy thrives.

Effective workspaces for every generation

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Effective workspaces for every generation

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14. More compact, minimalist workstations. As mobile and space-saving technology continues to make strides, workstations continue to become more compact and minimalist. This allows for more open space nearby the workstations which can be transformed into shared spaces.

15. Video or web conferencing is rapidly gaining in popularity. Video and web conferencing offers a number of advantages – information sharing, demonstrations, training, customer support and more, all without geographical limitations.

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